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An 11x17 print of main characters from the Stormlight Archive in Chibi form! From Kaladin and Sylphrena to Dalinar and the Stormfather, Venli and Timbre, and Szeth with Nightblood, all these characters, and their accompanying spren... Or what would be their spren; like Rock with his stew!


Kal and Syl

Dalinar and the Stormfather

Venli and Timbre

Shallan and Pattern

Szeth and Nightblood

Rock and his stew

Jasnah and Ivory

Lift and Wyndle

Adolin... and Glory Spren

all these characters, and their accompanying spren (or evil seeking sword) can be found here on one single print!


Painted by Kaijere Art of Kaijere Art Studios and available in other print sizes upon request! Also available as a sticker sheet and individual character prints and stickers.


Based on the writings of Brandon Sanderson, and his series Stormlight Archives; if you haven't, check out his wonderful work full of wondrous worlds! Different sizes available upon request.

11x17 Chibi Character Print Inspired by Brandon Sanderson

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